Share Your Style - Be A Model!

All shapes and sizes of women 40+ can be contributers/models.  We feature authentic non-airbrushed women.  If you don’t see someone who looks like you, we especially need YOU to contribute:)   We’re looking for clothing items or outfit examples that are already in your closet that you feel good about and love wearing.

How to submit your photo and description:

1.  Choose an outfit, item(s), or accessory(ies).

2.  Put it on.  Take a digital picture in the mirror, or have a friend take a photo with a cell phone or digital camera.  I you have the rights to a professional picture of you wearing the item, that’s great, too.

  1. 3.In your description include the following:

  2. *Item(s), color, fabric, brand, where purchased (if known).

  3. *Outstanding details and what you like about the item, outfit, or accessory. 

  4. *Mention what shape category you are (bigger bust than hips is a Strawberry, bigger hips than bust is a Pear, equal hips and bust and curvy is an Apple/Apple core,  equal hips and bust and slim is a Banana). This way other women with your shape can imagine how it will look on them as well.

  5. 4.Email your outfit description, digital photo, and your shape category to model@over40fashions.com

Please include one outfit and description per email so I can make sure to get the right text with the right outfit.

By sending photos/text you agree that you legally own the photo (ie it’s not copywrited material or if it is you have legal permission to use it), and no remuneration is expected.  You are helping other women by sharing what you like, and what works for you. Tell your friends, family, facebook, LinkedIn, and blog sites that you are a contributing model to Over 40 Fashions (feel free to link your favorite entries to show them:)   Women lament fashion doesn’t represent us age or shape-wise - here’s your chance to be the change you want to see!

          “Would I Wear That?” Model

I’ve put together some Would I Wear That? demo shows. I’d like to offer stores - small and big, etsy to brick-and-mortar - the opportunity to send samples of their latest styles to be featured.  A variety of volunteer model shapes/sizes would try on the samples and give their honest opinion, showcasing today’s latest fashions in an entertaining youtube video, while giving women the chance to see with their own eyes if an item will work on her particular size/shape/age.  If the “Would I Wear That?” show takes off, I’ll need Portland OR area women of all sizes willing to try on samples and give their opinion, and women who share on this site will have first dibs to help...and keep the samples!