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Would I Wear That? (demo) fashion video channel.

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Many women are tired of airbrushed fashion.  Most fashion sites/catalogs feature tall, young, thin, models…whereas, according to US statistics the average woman is 5’4 and 163 pounds.  Would I Wear That? plays on the female excitement of “Will it look good on MY shape?  Will it look good on MY age?”  And since the show has a low-key feel, the dynamic is realistic, entertaining, and helpful. This format also gives Etsy stores the same coverage as brick-and-mortar stores. Women can see before they purchase if an item is flattering for their shape and age, convincing women to confidently purchase online (and cutting down on returns).  The shows at this time are demo only - if you’d like to see this show become a reality, find out how you can sponsor the show here.