Real Women 40+ wearing clothes we like - It’s a whole new concept! Featuring non-airbrushed women who show & tell what works.  See what styles stand the test of time.

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All ages get clothing ideas from women with a variety of shapes, however models must be over 40 - see our Be a Model! page for more information. Other features include the Media page,  Barb’s Blog, and you can converse on the over 40 fashions facebook page.  Also check out our sister blog Better Ideas Now.

Phase #1: of Over 40 Fashions started right here at  http://over40fashions.com on iweb in 2009.

Phase #2: I added a fashion category feed of Better Ideas Now to this iweb home page so you could see new blog entries on the front page instead of digging through the archives.

Phase #3:  I was told Apple would no longer support iweb, so decided to transfer new entries from Better Better Ideas now to a WordPress site, where I had access to a search button and categories for easier navigation, as well as the opportunity to learn more about WordPress.  I’m updating this iweb page early spring of 2016 to invite you to follow the new site at http://over40fashions.com/web/, become a model, give your input, and share your fashion sense, ideas, and clothes!  

Over 40 Fashions re-invents fashion for all shapes of women - check our archives of strawberry shape, pear shape, apple/apple core shape, banana shape  with non-airbrushed women contributing ideas/examples of clothing styles and accessories they love.  Also find out where to get FREE clothes!

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